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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Free Whole 30 Meal Plan Round-up (with other helpful free resources)

One of the hardest and most intimidating parts of my first Whole 30 was figuring out what I was going to eat every day and what I was going to cook for dinner that could easily be modified to accommodate my family.  I've compiled the free meal plans that I found helpful and still find helpful when planning a Whole 30. I've also included some handy Whole 30 pdf downloads and links to resources to help you do a Whole 30 on a budget, if you find yourself in that boat!

Free Whole 30 Meal Plans:

-1 week plan from Smith Family Kitchen
-30 day plan from Mel Joulwan (I have LOVED everything I've ever made from her blog)
-30 day plan from The Nourishing Home (super family-friendly meals)
-1 week plan from Physical Kitchness
-30 day plan from Paleo Running Momma
-60 whole 30 recipes from Nom Nom Paleo
-30 day meal plan from Olive you whole
-Whole 30 meal planning tool from Primal Palate (this is great if you need to eliminate certain things like eggs or nightshades- it has various filters to select to customize)
-1 week meal plan from Civilized Caveman
-30 Whole 30 Crockpot/ Freezer meals from New Leaf Wellness
-7  Whole 30 Crockpot/ Freezer in 1 hour from New Leaf Wellness
-*If you have Danielle Walker's "Meals Made Simple" (which I highly recommend), you can find the adapted 8 week meal plan for Whole 30 here.

Whole 30 on a budget resources:

-Whole 30 on a budget with budget breakdown from Paleo Bailey
-Guide to Organic produce buying from Paleo Bailey
-Tips for doing the Whole 30 on a budget from The Huffington Post
-Your Paleo Poor guide to the grocery store from Whole 9 Life

Other handy Whole 30 resources:

-Emergency food ideas from The Whole 30
-Your one stop shop for handy Whole 30 downloads (common additive names, whole 30 meal template, etc..) from The Whole 30
-Guide to sneaky sugars from The Whole 30



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